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Attogram Attogram PHP Framework helps you quickly create web prototypes.
* PHP5, Apache2, SQLite, Plugin architecture.
* Site: http://getitdaily.com/attogram/
* Open Source: https://github.com/attogram/attogram/
* Started: 2014
Rates Daily Currency Exchange Rates.
* Data fed from multiple central banks and financial services
* Site: http://getitdaily.com/rates/
* Started: 2014
OTE Project The Open Translation Engine (OTE) is a web-based translation dictionary manager.
* allows a community of users to create and manage one or many translation dictionaries.
* Open Source: https://github.com/attogram/ote/
* Open Source: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ote/
* Started: 2000
OTE EN/NL English/Dutch translation dictionary.
* Powered by The Open Translation Engine.
* Site: http://ote.2meta.com/
* Started: 2000
Geotargeting Geotargeting and country info.
* Data fed from MaxMind and the CIA World Fact Book
* Site: http://geotargeting.2meta.com/
* Started: 2003
WiiB Which image is better? (WiiB) A shared lightbox and rating system.
* PHP, SQLite
* Data fed with free license images and media from Wikimedia Commons
* Site: http://getitdaily.com/image/
* Open Source: https://github.com/attogram/wiib/
* Started: 2014
Yet Another MediaWiki API Tool (Yamwat)
* PHP, Javascript, SMARTY, SQLite
* Open Source: https://github.com/attogram/yamwat/
* Started: 2013
Daily Wikis Tracking MediaWiki wikis on the web
* Powered by Yamwat
* Data fed from 800+ MediaWiki installations
* Site: http://getitdaily.com/wikis/
* Started: 2013
April Fools
on the Net
An archive of old net foolishness
* Site: http://www.2meta.com/april-fools/
* Started: 1992(ftp), 1996(web)
Chatbots The chatbots are waiting to talk with you
* AIML, PHP, Javascript, MySQL
* Site: http://getitdaily.com/chatbots/
* Started: 2003